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Importance/Functions of Values

Classification of Values

Eight categories of Values

Benjamin Franklin's Virtue of Core values

Different racial strains

Oriental Value Orientation/Occidental

Functions of Socialization

Positive effects of television

Negative effects of Television

Excessive violence on television leads directly to aggression and violent behavior among children and teenagers.

Theories of Deviant Behavior

Social Pathology

Biological theory

Psychological theory

Social Disorganization theory

Labeling theory

Anomei theory or structural stress theory

Value conflicting theory

Conflict theory

Cultural transmission or differential association theory

Positive Functions of Social deviation

Types of Deviant Behavior

Infractions of Sex code and Laws

Infractions on Life, liberty, property and against the state

Infractions against Self

Illegal gambling


Mendicancy or beggary


Informal Sanctions

Leveling technique or sociostat

Curbing of antisocial attitudes by ascribing undesirable statuses to deviants

Formal santions

Theories on the origin or sources of Values

Innerman or Mentalistic theory of Values

Outerman or Behavioral Theory of Values

The Id, Ego, and Superego Theory of values and Preference of Sigmund Freud

Labeling Theory or Cultural Relativism Theory of Values

Evolutionary-based instinctual drives

Id, ego, superego