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Ameliorate (V.)

Improve: Make more satisfactory.

Reformers of the 1800s wanted to ameliorate the conditions of the poor.

Belie (V.)

Contradict; give a false impression.

Many politicians belie their stance on certain issues to gain support.

Conviction (N.)

Strongly held belief.

His conviction that 2Pac is still alive labels him as a conspiracy theorist.

Discredit (V.)

Defame; destroy confidence in; disbelieve.

The media often discredits celebrities to generate attention towards their victims.

Exacting (ADJ.)

Extremely demanding.

Becoming a doctor requires a long exacting education.

Garrulous (ADJ.)

Locquacious; wordy; talkative.

His garrulous behavior for him tasted by the deputy.

Impede (V.)

Hinder; block; delay.

The construction of a new road resulted in a impeded lane.

Insatiable (ADJ.)

Not easily satisfied; greedy.

Biff's Insatiable desire to be rich created an alternate timeline in Back to the Future II.

Lurid (ADJ.)

Wild; sensational; graphic; gruesome.

Zombie movies are very lurid.

Nonentity (N.)

Person of no importance; nonexistence.

Sometimes quiet people are labeled nonentities.

Penchant (N.)

Strong inclination; liking.

I have a penchant for old music.

Precipituous (ADJ.)

Steep; overhasty.

The precipitous road has caused numerous car accidents.

Rescind (V.)


She rescinded her credit cards.

Surmount (V.)


Women surmounted many inequalities and such progress led to the passing on the 19th amendment.

Virulent (ADJ.)

Extremely poisonous; hostile; bitter.

Snakes are virulent predators.