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Quell (v.)

to put an end to; to calm

Rectify (v.)

to make right

Rescind (v.)

to reverse; to repeal or annul

Resurgence (n.)

a reappearance; a return to a position of


Rudimentary (adj.)


Salient (adj.)

relevant to the matter at hand

Stymie (v.)

to get in the way of; to hinder; to block

Tantamount (adj.)

equivalent to something in all meaningful


Tout (v.)

to brag publicly; to praise highly

Transpire (v.)

to take place

Ubiquitous (adj.)

seemingly everywhere at once; omnipresent

Vehement (adj.)

strongly felt or marked by high emotion

Vie (v.)

to compete

Volatile (adj.)

explosive; potentially unstable

Watershed (n. or adj.)

an important event that serves to distinguish two separate phases

Zenith (n.)

the highest point