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Judicious (adj.)

wise; showing sound judgment; cautious

Magnanimous (adj.)

noble in spirit; generous; giving

Mitigate (v.)

to moderate; to make or become less severe or intense

Pander (v.)

to cater to someone’s desires in order to win


Paragon (n.)

a peerless model or pattern of perfection

Penchant (n.)

a strong like for something

Placate (v.)

to soothe; to appease with concessions

Preclude (v.)

to make impossible; to shut out; to bar

Prudent (adj.)

careful; judiciously cautious

Juxtapose in a sentence

We juxtaposed a photo of me when I was 12 to a photo of me now in order to note the apparent differences.

Latent in a sentence

Chris hopes to show off his latent photography skills in her first exhibit next month

Magnanimous in a sentence

Her gift to the college was a magnanimous gesture.

Mitigate in a sentence

Her anger was mitigated by his apology.

Misogyny in a sentence

Music of certain rap artists demonstrates


Moot in a sentence

The scholarship from Hope was a moot point since I had already committed to Calvin.

Obscure in a sentence

The writer's poem was obscure; no one could truly decipher its meaning.

Onerous in a sentence

The requirements for my history class are


Oust in a sentence

The sports manager was ousted today.

palpable in a sentence

The tension in the room was palpable.

Paragon in a sentence

My father is a paragon of hospitality. A paragon of virtue.

Penchant in a sentence

I have a penchant for expensive shoes.

Pervasive in a sentence

There’s a pervasive feeling among student body that core should be revised.

Placate in a sentence

I tried to placate the crying child with candy.

Preclude in a sentence

Ex: My class schedule next year precludes my from joining choir.

Qualms in a sentence

I have qualms about skipping class today.