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Botvinnik System. White's plan: either force through d4, or keep the center closed and attack on the wings with f4 or b2-b4-b5
Reverse Grand Prix. If black moves his bishop to g7, play e4, Nge2, and play like a Botvinnik. Else, play e3, Nge2, f4.
Three Knights System with Bc5. White must play e3 and Nge2, with an eventual d4.
Three Knights System with Bb4. White plays e3, Nge2, an eventual d4.
Reverse Dragon with Nb6. White's aiming for Rc1, Re1, a3, b4, Bb2, and Nc5, to make black cede the bishop pair.
Reverse Dragon with Be7. White plays d4, allows massive exchanges on d4, plays Qa4 and prepares to advance the e-pawn.
Keres System with d5. White focuses on occupying d4 with a piece, attacking the pawn.
Keres System with Bb4. White prepares h3, g4, Ng3, Nf5, and castles.
Keres System with d6. White prepares f4, b3, Bb2.
Keres System with e4. White plays a reverse French.
White uses Rb1 to prepare b4.
The Rubinstein Variation. White aims to play Ne1-d3, Qa4, b3, Ba3, to pile up on the weak pawn, as well as Bxc6 if it destroys black's pawn structure.
The Keres-Parma variation. Develop, play Nc3, take on d5, play d4, play against the isolani.
The Pseudo-Grunfeld with Nxc3. White aims to play d3, c4, and gets his knight to c5 via g5. Also, he aims to attack the queenside with a4 and Rb1.
The Pseudo-Grunfeld with Nb6. White aims to play Be3, Qd2, Bh6, and then play h2-h4-h5
The Dutch, with e6, an attempted Stonewall. Play d3, castle, and go for a quick e4.
The Dutch with g6, an attempted Leningrad. White captures on f5 at the appropriate moment, then plays h3, g4, Ng3, d4-d5.
Black plays an early g6 with e5. White adopts the Botvinnik setup, goes for Be3, f4, f5, g4, g5.
Black tries to defer committing the central pawns. White will go for Qd2, Bh6, followed by h2-h4-h5.
White takes on d5, plays Nc3, Qa4, and intends to advance g4, h4.
White exploits the fact that b7 is undefended, doubles the pawns, and plays against their weakness.
White exploits his edge in development to take over the center, delaying castling in favor of immediate action.
White plays a reversed Sicilian.
Catalan. White aims for d4, b3, and active piece play.
White goes for a kingside pawnstorm.