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Irony, Aboriginals are owners of the land

"It doesn't hurt to remind yourselves that you are preparing yourselves to take your place in Australian society; to live as other australians live, and to live alongside other Australians."

trying to dumb down the aboriginal people

"a little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

Violent, in power

"Neal raises a Cat o 9 tails. Black out. A scream"

In power, abuse power, treat Abs as dogs

"He throws a stick of tobacco on the floor. Billy picks it up."

Used as a political pawn, gain white votes

"The whole job's a waste of time. They could have been treated in Northam."

Power, superiority

"The natives entrance is around the back."

power, unfair, abuse of power

"I'll make him jump straight inside."

Does not care about the abs and does not effectively do his job

"Thirty returned to the settlement in pregnant condition, yours etcetera.... if you could type that straight away i'll run that straight up to the office myself."


"Natives are best kept to themselves."

Forced to conform to the white australian culture,

"Joe who is absorbed in the special centenary edition of the Western Mail. Gran and Milly Sort clothes for washing. David and Cissie play cricket with a homemade bat and ball".