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What did Circe do to the men

Turned them into pigs

Odysseus was not affected

Why did they have to go to the land of the dead

To listen to the profacy of Tireceus

Why did they have to listen to the profacy of Tireceus

To turn the men out of pigs

What three people were there

The mother, one of his men and, Elpanor

What did Elpanor tell Odyseuss

Burry him mount of dirt and ore on top

Tireseus warned them about what

Not to eat the sun god's cattle

What does cilla look like

12 legs 6 heads


Sucks water down

Why do they crash and all of his ship mates die

Cause of Scylla and charibdas(gysers and whirlpool)

Who disguises himself as a better man


Who helps him become disguised

Two of his servants ( Emmaetus and servant #2)

Does he meet up with His son (Telemachus)


Odysseus makes the shot

At Athena's suitor contest *hell breaks loose♨♨

What do the men try and do

Go get the weapons but they are locked up

He shoots two men

So sharp all you can see is the feathers

Blood bath

Everybody's dead except for the good guys

Athena does what at the end

Takes out bed to see if its really him( it is)