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a type of investment scheme designed to steal from investors by having them continulously enlist others to help pay; ex: chain letters
pyramid scheme
foods grown and marketed without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.
organic foods
statement showing borrowers cash price, down paymentm and other charges
disclosure statement
a state office that helps consumers resolve their differences
consumer protection office
a period comprising an increase of business activity to a peak, through decline to depressed activity, stagnation, and renewed expansion
business cycle
readable final dates for safe sale printed on food packages
open dating
the maximum amount a lender will permit a borrower to owe ay any one time
line of credit
a general product name or brand as opposed to a trademark brand name
generic name
the attachment of a debitors wages by court authority to ensure payment
a private medical service organization providing hospitilization, surgery, and care by physicians through prepaid medical care plans
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
financial worth arrived at by subtracting total debts from total assets
net worth
a usually nonprofit store selling used merchandise at low prices
thrift store
a law requiring creditors to state the monthly and annual percentage rates used in computing finance charges
truth in lending
a number that represents the antiknock properties of gasoline
octane rating
the ease with which an asset can be converted into spendable cash
illegal advertising of low-priced items for the sole purpose of applying high-pressure sales techniques so as to sell higher-priced items
bait and switch
a fraudulent financial scheme in which early investors are paid off with money received from more recent investors
Ponzi scheme
an employee's legal right to part/all of accumulated pension benefits
income received from investments, usually expressed as a percentage of market price
a court where consumers can take cases involving relatively small amounts without hiring a lawyer
small claims court
a nonprofit agency set up by local business firms to improve besiness practices and protect customers
Better Business Bureau (BBB)
an index showing average prices paid for selected goods and services over a given period
consumer price index
charges and fees incurred in transferring ownership of real estate
closing costs
an indusrty panel which helps consumers resolve complaints against a manufacturer
consumer action panel