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What do pyramids of biomass show?

The dry mass of living material at each tropic level

Why may pyramids of biomass look different to pyramid of numbers? (2)

-if producers are very large

- if small parasites are living of large animals

Why are pyramids of biomass difficult to construct? (2)

- so organism feed of different organisms on different tropic levels

- it involves removing and organisms water (killing it)

As energy flows along a food chain, what is some energy transferred into? (3)

- heat from respiration

- egestion

- excretion

Why is the energy lost at each food chain not wasted?

Decomposes use it which can start another food chain

Why does the last animal in the food chain not get enough food?

Because up to 90% of the food is lost at each tropic level

How can efficiency in food chains be calculated?

Energy used for growth / energy input x 100%