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Opposite charges
attract each other
Like charges
repel each other.
Energy is
needed to do work
Energy is also
needed to make matter change
Kinetic energy
has energy because it is moving.
A rolling ball, and a swinging hammer are exaples of
kinetic energy
Potential energy
is stored or waiting to be used
a rock on top of a hill is an example of
potential energy
Work is
done when a force is used to move an object a certain distance
Energy comes
in many forms
Energy can be
transformed from one to the other
Electrical energy
is related to the movement of charged particles
Other forms of energy are
chemical, light, mechanical, thermal, nuclear, and sound
matter is made up of
Negative charges
are a minus (-) sign
Positive charges
are a plus (+) sign
Static electricity
is the buildup of electrical charges on a material
a material through which heat or electricity does not flow easily
a material through whick heat or electricity does flow easily