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How is made the endocrine system?

For gland, that regulates many things (actions) through out the bod.

What produce glands?


What are the roles of hormones?

Regulate body functions

How it is called the hormone that is produced by thethyroid?

T4 / T3

Whichgland is located above the kidneys?


Whatis the gland that produces insulin?

The pancreas

Whatare the glands that distinguishes man and woman?

The testes and ovaries

What is the hormone that is produced by thetesticles?


What is the function of the hormone that isproduced by the pituitary gland?

Regulate thegrowth of the human body

What is the hormone produced by the ovaries?


What is endocrinology?

Study of this system and the diagnosis and treatment of its disorders.

What are hormones?

Chemicals messengers that travels through the body.

The endocrine system is composed of...

Glands, tissues and hormones

What is the endocrine system?

Is the collection of glands that produce hormones and regulate all functions in the body.