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What does sabotage mean?
Sabotage means to damage or destroy something on purpose to hurt someone or something.
What did Eliza Lucas Pinckney die of?
Eliza Lucas Pinckney died of cancer.
Did Eliza and Charles Pinckney have any children?
Yes, Eliza and Charles had four children.
What happened to Eliza Lucas' first crop of indigo?
A chemist sabotaged Eliza Lucas' first batch of indigo.
What was Eliza Lucas like as a child?
Eliza was curious and full of energy. She read many books, spoke French, played the flute and enjoyed learning about plants and how the grow.
Who was Charles Pinckney?
Charles Pinckney was a lawyer in South Carolina.
What were Eliza Lucas's hobbies?
Eliza Lucas' hobbies were music lessons, gardening and reading.
When Eliza was seventeen years old, she was given what responsibility?
Eliza was to take care of her mother, brothers and sisters, and all of their land.
What is indigo dye used for?
Indigo dye is used for coloring the cloth that is used for clothing.
How old was Eliza Lucas Pinckney when she died?
Eliza Lucas Pinckney was 71 years old when she died.
Where did Eliza Lucas attend school?
Eliza Lucas attended school in England.
What is an invalid?
An invalid is a person who is unable to take care of him or herself because of a continuing illness.
Where was Eliza Lucas born?
Eliza Lucas was born in Antigue, West Indies.
Why did a chemist sabotage Eliza Lucas' first batch of indigo?
The chemist was fearful that Eliza's successful business would harm the indigo business on his island.
Why was Eliza Lucas' father returning to Antigua, West Indies?
He was a Colonel in the army and called upon to be the Royal Governor of Antigua.
What does trade mean?
Trade means to exchange one product for another product, for example, Eliza may have traded indigo dye for a fruit crop.
Did Eliza Lucas marry anyone?
Yes, Eliza Lucas married Charles Pinckney.
Who was the invalid in Eliza's family?
Eliza's mother was an invalid.
Why do we remember Eliza Lucas Pinckney?
Eliza grew indigo plants in large amounts, called crops and learned to make indigo dye out of those plants.
How successful was Eliza Lucas Pinckney's work with indigo?
Eliza Lucas Pinckney's work with indigo was so successful that it became the largest money making crop in colonial America.
What crops did Eliza Lucas plant on their land?
Eliza Lucas planted ginger, cotton, alfalfa, and indigo on their land.
What did Eliza Lucas Pinckney die of?
Eliza Lucas Pinckney died of cancer.
What does soluble mean?
Soluble means to be softened in a liquid substance.
What is a pallbearer?
A pallbearer is a person who carries a coffin at a funeral.
What does export mean?
Export means to send products to other countries to be sold or traded.
How was indigo dye made?
The indigo was removed from the plant, refined and compressed into soluble chunks.
How did President George Washington feel about Eliza Lucas Pinckney?
President George Washington admired Eliza and her work very much.
What crop is grown in South Carolina now, instead of indigo?
Cotton crops are grown now in South Carolina, instead of indigo.
What is a chemist?
A chemist is a person who works with and knows all about chemicals.
What color is indigo?
Indigo is a blue or purple color.
How did President George Washington show his admiration of Eliza Lucas Pinckney?
He asked if he could be a pallbearer at her funeral?