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which of the folowing controll devices is not required to be used with a ac generator
zenior diode
small generators rely on which for initial excitation
residual magnetisim
Lru's are
line replacable units
the ability of a magnet to retain magnetisim after the magnetizing force is removed
is called the retentivity
the output voltage of a aircraft generator is controlled by varing
the strength of the field
dc alternators employ diodes for the purpose of converting
alternating current to direct current
poor voltage regulation under changing load and the fact that they are never usd as aircraft generators describe a
seies wound generator
the of a dc generator serves as a rectirier which prouduces direct current
commuttor and brushes
the most practical method of mainting a constant voltaage output from an aircraft generator under varying conditions of speed and load is to vary the
strength of the magnetic field
the distortion or bending of the magnetic flux field between the poles of a generator under load thus causing a shift in the neutral plane is called
armature reaction
the ac frequency prouduced by a generator is determined by the
# of rpm's divided by the # of poles
when seating in new generator brushes you would generally use
000 sandpaper
the magnetic linsof flux usually flow from north to south and therfore mostgenerators have an even # of poles true or false
which is of the folowing not one of the purposes of interpoles in a generator
reduce field strength
when a dc generator is first putting out its rated voltage it is said to have reached its
coming in speed
a dc alternator uses aircraft power to get startes prouducing voltage and current dose or dose not
to minimize arcing brushes are replaced
on the neutralo plane
in a dc alternator the stator is the
stationary output coils
in a dc alternator which of the following is not needed as a control device
curtrent limiter
how much should the mica insulators be undercut on the armature lathe
equal to the width or thikness of the mica
to restore residual magnetisim to a dc alternator you must
do nothing as an alternator dose not use residual magnetisim
what device is used to convert alternating current which has been induced into the loops of the rotating armature of a dc generator to direct current
a commutator
the stationary field strenth in a d irect current generator is varied
according to the load requirements
true of false since some brusheless alternators utilize a permenent manet their is no need to flash the field
in a dc alternator (working properly) as the load is increased 9within capacity) the voltage will
remain constant and the amperage will increase
generator voltage will not build up wen the field is flashed and solder is found on a brush cover plate thses are most likely indications of
a shered armature shaft
the diodes are installed in a dc alternator to
rectifie ac generated in the output stator coils
to provide constant frequency on large aircraft as an engine speed varies and to maintain a uniform frequency between multiple generators, most ac generators are connected to a
csd system
true or false generator brushes are normally replaced at overhaul or when half worn
dc generator ratings are generaly
stamped on the data or name plate
the rotation of generators is termed as either clockwise or counterclockwise as viewed from the
driven end
according to the laft hand rule for gdnerators the thumb would indicate the
counductor moement
when genertaor voltage is regulated by the field rheostat more resistance results in
less out put voltage
some modern jet aircraft produce ac generator called a wich differs from a csd in that both the constant sped drive and the generator are sealed in the same housing
idg integrated drive generator
in a brushless alternator current is induced into the field coil through an
all the current is carried from the bruch of a dc generator supported in a brush holder through the rather than through the sliding contact made between the brush and the brush guide or brush holder
brush pigail
true or fale a voltage regulator controls the generator output voltage by varying the ressistance of the generator field
true or fales the voltage out put ofan ac alternator is determoned by the amount of current flowing in its dc exciter out put field
true or false a rectifier as an electrical check valve that allows electrond to flow in only on direction
t or f generators are rated according to the current they can prouduce at their rated voltage
t or f the poles of a generator are made of laminated soft to reducethe sddy currents and concentarte the lines of force
t or f if an ohmeter is connected correctly and indicates some valuse of ressistance current is flowing through the compnet and it has continuity and it has an open
t or f acsd unit drives a genertaor throuh the use of a variable hydroulicpump and a hydrulic motor
as added insurance to make sure that a given electric load does not exceed a generators output capability the total continuos electrical load permitted in a given system is limited to percent of the total rated generator out put