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The bead in the road

1: this is the place where the child felt sick in the car and they pulled over..

2: this is the place of there presence

3: never long absent from though

4: in the tree in the air


1: He fell in love with the butchers daughter

2: white Trousers, dangling a knife on a ring at her belt...

3: down the slanting lane at the back of the shambles

4:faintest at the top

Fireman's lift

1: assumption of the Virgin

2: mist and shining

3: teams of angelic arms

4: celestial choirs

5: this is what love it


1: like a cloud over my time

2: there are women here form every country

3: blined and bleached

4: steam danced around stone drains

5: assist them now

6: allow us now to hear it..