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The Nile is the longest river in the ________
What is silt?
rich, fertile soil!!
What are the two sources of the Nile?
White Nile and the Blue Nile
What did the Nile do each spring?
What direction does the Nile flow?
What is a delta? Where is it found?
A delta is a triangle shaped area. It is found at the river's end!*
What is a cataract?
rock-filled rapids
What does Kemet mean? Why was it called this?
Egyptians called their land the "Black Land" because of the dark soil left by the floods**!!
What land was between the first and second cataracts?
Lower Nubia!
Why did civilization begin around the Nile?
The people used the fertile soil for farming. They fished in the Nile.
Tell a fact about trade on the Nile.
The Nile was a higway for trade. The people travelled in caravans and crossed the deserts in order to trade&