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the longest river in the world
The French scholar who solved the riddle of the Rosetta Stone
Jean Francis Champollion
the Egyptian empire reached its greatest extent during the reign of which pharoah
Thutmose III
the first pharaoh of all Egypt
The second interrruption in Egyptian history was caused by the foreign conquest of
Hyksos, a people of the east
Foreign powers ruled Egypt during what centuries
4th century B. C. to the 20th century A.D.
A broken slab of black basalt containing a message carved in 3 languages found by French soldiers in Egypt in A.D. 1799
Rosetta Stone
the earliest tombs the pharaohs had built for themselves were called
large stone statues with the heads of men, rams, or hawks and the bodies of lions
The strange writing of the ancient Egyptians
the study of the relics and ruins of ancient cultures
Egypt's history is divided into three parts. The internal turmoil caused the first interruption and marked the end of what and the beginning of what
end of the Old Kingdom and
the beginning of the Middle Kingdom
Greek historian who had viewed the ruins of Egypt in the 5th Century B.C. and wrote of his impressions