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Anti school subcultural

They are negative about school (Marxist) they reject school rules don't conform at school


Behavior in terms of duties obligation

Cultural Capital

Non financial social assets that promote social mobility beyond economic means I.e. education, dress, behavior

De Schooling

The process of adjusting too non-school environment everyday

Hidden Curriculum

Refers to the unwritten unnoficial lessons and values students learn in schools I.e. turn up on time, dress correctly show respect listen to peers and teachers.


In sociology labelling theory is the view of divience according to being labelled as divient leads to person engaging in divient behavior.

Clash with social norms

Marketization of Education

An improvement to education by making schools compete for students.

Material Deprevation

Inability for individuals or households to afford those consumptions goods that are typical in society at a given point in time.


Social system in which people success in life depends on primally on their talent and abilities.