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group with lesser access to the prerequisites of society
prejudgement on the basis of streotypes and hearsay, plus the refusal to credit evidence that conflicts with prejudgement
action that treats like individuals differently on the basis of some arbitrary characteristic
money received from all sources
money received from labor market activities
wage discrimination
paying equally productive workers different wages on the bases of some arvitrary characteristic
employment discrimination
not hiring certain workers on the basis of some arbitrary characteristic
occupational discrimination
not hiring some groups of workers for particular jobs, resulting, for example, in men's jobs and womens job's or black jobs and white jobs
human capital discrimination
anything that prevents certain groups from acquiring the level of quality of education to which other groups have access
"Taste for discrimination" model
Gary Becker's theory of discrimination as the result of prejudice and psychic costs
statistical discrimination
judging an individual on the average characteristics of his/her group
occupational crowding
crowding some groups of workers into a limited number of jobs
lending institutions' refusal to make loans on property in areas dominated by minorities
affirmative action
mandated program to provide equal access to labor markets
rigid numerical requirement in hiring
hiring minorities to comply with law, not for their abilities
reverse discrimination
discrimination against white males