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Current mega extinction

is caused by a species compared to some major external force

What's happening to Tropical Rain Forest

-tough environment to live in for humans

- continues to decline

1) Ecosystem destruction

2) ecosystem degradation

-also includes climate

3) direct hunting and harvest

4) introduced species

ecosystem destruction

-destroy it and let it come back

-houses, roads, lawns, mining, nuclear bombs

ecosystem degradation

-disturbances; road salt, light messes with animals biorhythm (light should only be in the day), pesticides, fragmentation (fencing), ozone depletion

speed of climate change

is currently very fast

life wont have time to adjust and adapt & migrate

for example, everglades climate park will be flooded in a century because of climate change

direct hunting and harvest

- demand for a resource

-rosewood, ebony, mahogony, ivory

- people collect rare things

-ex: had to get rid of buffalo for trains

-buffalo--from pop. 60 mill-->85

-passenger pigeon-- from 5 nil--> extinct

-species need a certain amount of pop. to survive

introduced species

-invasive species change landscape, they have no competition, so they explode

1) Laws to protect endangered species and threatened

-have to document and prove your case, if its not abundant, can be considered endangered orphin--species nobody cares about

ex: bee

2) ecosystem protection-- more broader view

3) CITES (treaty): protect species species

4) Educate people on value of biodiversity

-human centered argument --free services, meds, food/flaws. aesthetics, biophilia (hardwired to interact with natures spiritual