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What is the mission of the AE class of ships?
Replenishment at sea of ammunition including all types of missles.
What is the mission of the AO class of ships?
Replenishment at sea of fuel, jet fuel and other fors of petroleum.
What is the mission of the CG class of ships?
Guided Missle Cruiser.
Provides protection against surface and air attacks, and provide gunfire support for land operations.
What is the mission of the CV class of ships?
Non-nuclear aircraft carrier.
Designed to carry, launch, retrieve and handle combat A/C quickly and efficently.
What is the mission of the DD/DDG class of ships?
Destroyer/Guided Missle Destroyer.
Can be used in any kind of naval operation.
What is the mission of the FFG class of ships?
Guided missle Frigates.
Used for open ocean escort and patrol.
What is the mission of the LCC class of ships?
Amphibious Command Ship.
Provides accomodations and command/communication facilities for various commanders and their staffs.
What is the mission of the LHA class of ships?
Amphibious Assult Ship.
Used to embark, deploy and land a Marine battalion landing team by helo, landing craft, amphibious vehicles or any combination thereof.
What is the mission of the LHD class of ships?
Amphibious Warfare Ship.
Capable to convert from an Assult ship to a ASW ship with Harrier fighters for ground support.
What is the mission of the LPD class of ships?
Amphibious Transport Dock.
Primary landing ships, resembling small A/C carriers, designed to put troops on hostile shores.
What is the mission of the LPH class of ships?
Amphibious Assult Ship.(Helo)
Designed to embark, transport and land 1,800 troops and their equipment via helos in conjunction with beach assults. Also assist with ASW.
What is the mission of the LSD class of ships?
Dock Landing Ship.
Supports amphibious operations including landings via Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC), conventional landing craft and helo's upon hostile shores.
What is the mission of the MCS class of ships?
Mine Countermeasures Support Ship.
Provides command, control and support for countermeasure operations.
What is the name of the only MCS in naval inventory?
USS Inchon.
To launch craft from a LSD what must be done?
Have the well flooded to allow the craft to move out under their own power.
How many landing spots does a PSD have?
The LPD has the facilities to support how many helicopters?
What is class of ship is among the largest amphibious ships in the world?
What makes the LPD class of ship unique in regards to features?
It contains elements of LSD's and LPH's which means it can transport troops and equipment at the same time.
What is the mission of the AOE class of ships?
Oiler and Ammunition Support Ships.
Carries missles, fuel, ammunition and general cargo including refrigerated cargo and supplies
What is the largest and most powerful auxiliary ship in the Navy?
How many and what type of A/C does the AOE and the AE carry and for what purpose are they on board?
2 H-46 Helo's for verticle replenishment and support.
What makes the AO class of ship unique?
It can service from both sides of the ship at the same time.
What speeds are CG's capable of?
Over 30 knots.
What type of A/C do CG carry and how many?
1 LAMPS Mk III SH-60B Helo.
Of all the classes of aviation capable ships which one is capable of ASW, antisurface ship warfare and anti-air warfare all at once?
What is the difference between a CV and a CVN?
A CV uses boilers for power whereas CVN's use nuclear power.
How many A/C Carriers are there?
How many are nuclear powered?
What 3 A/C carriers are boiler powered?
Kennedy, Constellation and Kitty Hawk.
What are the most modern and capable command facilities afloat?
Which ship can serve as a command ship for an amphibious task force, landing force and air support commanders during amphibious operations?
Which ship resembles a destroyer but is smaller, slower, carries less ammunition and has only one crew?
Which ship depends on its mobility and speed rather than armor for protection?
What type and how many A/C can the DD/DDG accomodate?
2 SH-60B
2 SH2G
Why are carriers so important?
Because they can approach the enemy at high speeds, launch A/C, recover them and leave long before its position can be determined.
Which ship is the center of the modern naval task force or task group?
A/C Carriers
What type of A/C and how many can an FFG have onboard?
2. SH-60B Helos.