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What makes up a Dual Chain of Command?
Operational COC.
Administrative COC.
Who makes up the Operational COC?
Secretary of Defense.
Commander of unified or specified command.
Assigned operational forces.
Who makes up the Administrative COC?
Secretary of the Navy.
Operating forces.
Who controls Unified/Specified commanders?
Joint Chiefs of Staff.
What are the 6 unified commands?
What are unified commands composed of?
Elements of 2 or more services.
What are the 3 Fleet Commanders?
What does CINCPACFLT stand for?
Commander-in-Chief, US Pacific Fleet.
What does CINCLANTFLT stand for?
Commander-in-Chief, US Atlantic Fleet.
What does CINCUSNAVEUR stand for?
COmmander-in-Chief, US Naval Forces Europe.
CINCPACFLT commands what fleet.
CINCLANTFLT commands what fleet?
CINCUSNAVEUR commands what fleet?
When Task Groups are subdivided what are they called?
Task Units.
What is the purpose of the CNO?
Principal advisor to the President and SECNAV on the conduct of war.
What else does the CNO do?
Navy representative on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Commands the Chiefs of the Naval Material Command and Bureaus, and all operating forces of the navy.
What does the Secretary of the Navy do?
Responsible for the policies and control of the Department of the Navy.
Who is the Secretary of the Navy?
Gordon R. England
Who the the CNO?
Admiral Vern Clark
Naval Air Force Commander is below who in an Administrative COC?
Commander-inChief (Pacific/Atlantic) Fleet.
Naval Air Force Commander is usually what rank?
Vice Admiral.
Functional Wing Commanders are responsible for what?
A/C material readiness, administration, training and inspection of their respective squadrons.
Who coordinates the NAMP in the operating and training forces?
Type Squadron Commander.
What are Type Squadron Commanders responsible for?
Maintenance and material condition of aeronatical equipment assigned to them.
What are the responsibilities of the Fleet Master Chief?
Principal enlisted advisor to the Fleet Commander in Chief.
How many Fleet Master Chiefs are there?
Who is the MCPON?
MCPON Terry D. Scott (SS/AW)
What is the purpose of the MCPON?
Senior enlisted person of the Navy.
Assigned to CNO for 3 years.
Senior enlisted advisor to CNO and Chief of Naval Personnel.
Who is the Force Master Chief?
FMC (AW/NAC) Thomas W. Mobely
What is the purpose of the Force Master Chief?
Principal enlisted advisor to Force Group Commanders.
Presently there are how many Force Master Chiefs?
How many people must a command have to have a CMC?
250 or more.
What is the job of the CMC?
Principal enlisted advisor to the CO.
Who is the CMC for VR-56?
CMC Clayton Sherwood
Who is the CO of VR-56?
Commander Gillcrist