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the use of this resource results in generating waste products that may remain dangerous for thousands of years
A disadvantage of harnassing this resource is that large fields have to be taken up with resource collecting equipment
When decaying material is changed by pressure and bacteria to contain mostly hydrogen and carbon, this process is called
the resource that can be conserved by recycling and reusing is
this resource can be classified as metallic and nonmetallic
nuclear fission is considered to be
nonrenewable because uranium is a mineral ore and minerals are nonrenewable
not considered environmentally friendly
fossil fuels
In order for nuclear fission to occur, nuclei of uranium is bombarded with
this this type of resource canot be relied on to be a steady and consistent resource
fuel rods used in nuclear fission are made up of pellets of
This resource is only found in solid form
different types of coal are made as the material undergoes increasing pressure; list the types in order of least pressure to most
peat, lignite, bituminous, anthracite
this resource is available in solid liquid and gas
fossil fuels
geothermal energy is all of the following except
a lot of air pollution is produced with the rising levels of steam
hot mineral solution can spread through cracks in the rock to form fingerlike bands called
nuclear fusion is all of the following except
uses uranium-238 as fuel
this resource is found in ares called lodes or veins
in nuclear reactors, electricity is produced when turbines of generators are turned by
water that is heated as it flows through hot rocks is a source of
a greenhouse harnesses the solar energy by
using a passive system
The fossil fuels that have multiple uses such as the manufacturing of plastics, gasoline, kerosene, shampoos, and waxes, is/are
a nuclear reactor
uses water to run the turbines to produce elctricity