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Explored the Great Lakes region and traveled down the Missippi River in 1682, discovering the mouth of the river.
Rober Cavelier,Sieur de
La Salle
French explorer & Fur Trader
Commander of the first expedition to sail around the world. He also named the Pacific Ocean
Ferdinand Magellan
Portugese Navigator
and Explorer
Discovered Brazil and claimed it for Portugal in 1500
Pedro Alvarez Cabral,
Portutuese Navigator
The first explorer to realize that he had found a New World, America is named after him.
Amerigo Vespucci
Italian Navigator
Discovered the Cape of Good Hope in 1488
Bartolomeu Dias,
Poruguese Navigator
First White Man to reach mainland America. Became a Christian in Norway and brought a priest back to Greenland to spread the Christian Faith there.
Leif Erikson
Viking Explorer
970C. - 1020c.
Searched for the rich Inca Empire, was appointed gov. of Peru and founded Lima, the capitol of Peru in 1535.
Francisco Pizarro
Spanish Explorer
The first traveler to journey across the entire width of Asia. His writings influenced early map makers and inspired others to travel
Marco Polo
Venitian Explorer
1254 - 1324
1570 Led expedition across Panama and found the Pacific Ocean. In 1577 He was the 2nd explorer to sail around the world and the first Englishman to explore the Pacific.
Sir Frances Drake,
English Explorer
explored from present-day North Carolina up the Atlantic coast as far as present-day Nova Scotia in 1524
Giovanni Da Verrazano
Italian Navigator -
explorer for France
Discovered a trade route to India around the Cape of Good hope in 1498
Vasco De Gama
Portuguese Navigator