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Dates for origins in oral, linguistics, written docs

Written Documents and Inscriptions: Anywhere from 3000 BCE (Ancient Egypt) to less than 100 years ago

Oral Traditions: 1000 years ago at the absolute maximum, usually less, unless traditions have been written down

Historical Linguistics: more than 10,000 years ago starts to get pretty shakyArchaeology: Earliest Human Ancestors, 6-7 million years ago

Neolithic Revolution

Transition from nomadic foraging to settled agriculture from 8000 onwards

Independent invention or diffusion?

Fertile Crescent domestications

10000-4000 bc

Wheat, barley

Chickpeas, lentils

cows, goats, sheep, pigs


last 10000 years

megafaunal extinction

stability in climate and precipitation > start of agriculture

Competitive intensification - greater inputs per unit of land and greater outputs in food