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Why did the Virginia Company send men to settle Jamestown in the New World?
To find gold.
Why did the colonists of Jamestown build a fort around the settlement?
Fear of Indian attack.
What word was carved on a post in Roanoke Colony?
Why was John Smith not killed by Powhatan.
Powhatan's daughter, Pocahontas, pleaded for her father to save his life.
Although they did not find gold, what crop did they grow that made them rich?
Who was the man who began to grow tobacco at Jamestown?
John Rolfe
What is a separatist?
In England, a separatist was someone wo wanted to have their own separate church. They had secret meetings.
Why did Powhattan and his sons want to kill John Smith?
He had killed two of their people.
Why did the colonists of Jamestown force Africans to come to America?
The tobacco plantations needed many workers.
What did John White find when he returned from Roanoke?
The settlers had vanished
What are Pilgrims?
Someone who goes on a long journey.
What is the name of the man who left Roanoke Island Colony for England, and returned three years later?
John White
Where was the first place the Pilgrims landed?
Cape Cod
Why did the Pilgrims settle at Plymouth?
Running brooks, cleared fields, harbor safe for small boats, two rivers, and they didn't see any Indians.
What is the Mayflower Compact?
It is an agreement of laws between the Plgrims of Plymouth that stated majority would rule, and gave them the right to choose their own leader.
Why did the Pilgrims not work from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning?
To worship God.
What did Squanto teach the Pilgrims?
To hunt and fish. He taught them that if you plant corn with fish, it will grow better.
Who was the English speaking Indian who introduced the Pilgrims to Squanto?
What is the name of a territory settled by a group of people froma distant land who usually remains loyal to their parent country?
Why did Jamestown almost become a ghost town?
Starvation, illness, and Indian attack.
Why did the colonists of Jamestown build a fort around the settlement?
Fear of Indian attack.
How many men survived the journey to the New World?
What is the name of the first child born in America?
Virginia Dare
What Jamestown leader made peace with the Indians and gained protection from Powhattan?
John Smith