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Avapro & Irbesartan

Hypertension ( angiotensin II)

Avelox & Moxifloxacin

Bacterial infection (quinolone)

Azmacort,Nasacort & Triamcinolone


Bactrim (DS), Septra (DS) & Trimethoprim, Sulfamethizole

Bacterial Infection (Sulfa)

Bactroban & Mupirocin

Bacterial Infection (Topical)

Benadryl & Diphenhydramine

Antihistamine (1st generation)

Benicar & Olmesartan Medoxomil

Hypertension (angiotensin II antagonist)

Benicar HCT & Olmesartan Medoxomil Hydrochlorothiazide

Hypertension (angiotensin II , thiazide diuretic)

Biaxin XL & Clarithromycin

Bacterial infection (macrolide)

BuSpar & Buspirone

Azaspirone (antipsychotic)

Calan & Verapamil

Hypertension (calcium channel blocker)

Capex & Fluocinolne acetonide

Corticosteroid (topical)

Capoten & Captopril

Hypertension (ACE inhibitor)

Cardizem & Diltiazem

Hypertension, Angia

Cardura & Doxazosin

Hypertension ( Alpha Blocker )

Catapres & Clonidine

Hypertension (Central Alpha Agonist)

Ceclor & Cefaclor

Bacterial Infection (Cephalosporin)

Cefzil & Cefprozil

Bacterial Infection (Cephalosporin)

Celebrex & Celecoxib

NSAID (COX 2 inhibitor)

Bentyl & Dicylomine Hydrochloride

Anticholinergic (IBS)