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Learner's permit applicants younger than 18 years old need how many forms of id?
List 4 items you can use to verify your social security number
Social security card
tax return
military id
social security statement
If you are younger than 19 years old, who can verify your Virginia residency
In order to get a learner's permit in Virginia you must be at leat how old?
15 years 6 months
The tests for a learner's permit include what
sign test
knowledge test
vision test
If you are younger tha 18 years old and fail either part of the learner's permit test, you must wait how long before you can retake the tests?
15 days
A learner's permit allows you to practice driving with who, at least how old or with an immediate family mamber who is at least how old and has what?
licensed driver
valid driver's license
When driving with a learner's permit you can have how many passenger(s) younger than 18