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"No shining city on a hill: American studies and the problem of place"
George Lipsitz, about globalization and how cultures and identitys mix. Hybridity.
"Myth and Historical Memory"
Richard Slotkin, about myths and reinforcing of narratives through culture. Custers last stand.
"Uncle Ollie's Spite Fence"
Jack Conroy, poor stick together out of necessity
"Madonnas of the Fields: photography, gender, and 1930's farm relief"
Wendy Kozol, pretty self explanitory.
"Ethics of living Jim Crow"
Richard Wright
"Joe Louis uncovers dynamite"
Richard Wright
"Mules and Men"
Zora Neale Hurston, talks about folk culture
"First Person America"
Ann Banks, immagrant stories, excluded from middle landscape. Usable past.
"The art of cultural politics:| from regionalism to abstract expressionism"
Erika Doss, talks about Pollock and Benton. Postwar freedom. Hollywood is a jeremiad.
"Two Soldiers"
William Faulkner, bro goes to war, younger bro goes after him. American exceptionalism. Jeremiad?
"the meaning of national culture"
Daniel Farber, media controls people, TV, national culture...
"Beatlemania, Girls just want to have fun"
Barbara Ehrenreich,media, popularity, drives girls nuts over beatles.
"Snow White and other poems from Transformations"
Anne Sexton, jeremiad about society's gender roles
"Coming of Age in Mississippi"
Anne Moody, Anne is a political activist in civil rights movement, is threatened.
"Born on the Fourth of July"
Ron Kovic, criticises frontier narrative, dismembered in 'Nam
"Khe Sanh" from Dispatches
Michael Herr, talks about the waste of vietnam war, beer coolers
"Somewhere outside Duc Pho"
Daniel Cano
"on hearing a chameleon outside the city"
Nguyen Duy, 10 years after tet offensive, war still damaged him
"the noodle cart"
Wendy Wilder Larson, Wasteful american commercialism takes even necessities of Vietnamese. Other side told by Tran Thi Nga.
"Him on the bicycle"
Bruce Weigel,shows dehumanization of vietnamese, shows them as people too.
"Woman hollering creek"
Sandra Cisneros, american / mexican identities for women
"the things they carried"
Tim O'brien, criticism of American consumer culture
"Black Noise"
Tricia Rose
Learning to see ourselves inside an ideology. "Where you are at"
Body of concepts, beliefs, and values articulated by a social group that defines its interpretations of life, etc.
personal decisions reinforce / challenge narrative
personal is political
conformity, "keeping up with the Jones'
consensus culture
Balance between decadent civilization and howling wilderness.
Middle Landscape
Americans create their identity through exploration / conquer of new frontier.
Frontier Narrative
Use of past experiences to construct our identity of the present / future.
Usable past.