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HSV is a ___ virus which is (naked/enveloped)?

Replicates in the ______, and is _____-stranded and ________.

(herpes simplex) DNA; enveloped.

Double stranded and linear.

Hermes in the velvety robe flying down the road with double lines on it.

Host cells have big red eosinophilic _________bodies or _______ bodies

inclusion; Cowdry

Look like targets! In NUCLEUS

Can also see in CMV or VZV but these are in the cytoplasm.

HSV is known for ________ transmission

vertical (TORCHES)

Which subset of HSV presents first with gingivostomatitis?

HSV-1. More common in infants - widespread inflammation of the lips and gums.

Usually confined to the upper half of the body. More aggressive and far more PAINFUL than cold sores... it will eventially become cold sores.

Technical term for cold sores?

Herpes labialis

HSV-1 also causes _____________ which is a pretty serious eye infection with serpiginous ulcers on the cornea on Flourescein slit lamp exam.


HSV-1 is asociated with _______ lobe encephalitis.

temporal (red wings on helmet). Causes hemorrage (red wings) and necrosis (black helmet) of the inferior and medial temporal lobes.

-Usual: fever, headache, seizure, and altered mental status.

-also includes bizarre behavior and olfactory hallucinations, and overall personality changes

HSV1 is the #1 cause of sporadic _________ in the USA.


HSV-1 remains latent in the __________ ________. reactivates during _______.

trigeminal ganglia. Stress

Herpes rash has a "_____ ____ __ __ _____ ______" appearance. What does this refer to?

dew drops on a rose petal


Herpetic whitlow

what is the name of the herpes infection found on the fingers (more common in?). Which Subtype/s?

herpetic whitlow; more common in dentists. Caused by HSV-1 and HSV-2

HSV transmitted by?

touching skin. genitals to hands, mouths to hands... genitals to genitals etc.

What is the name of the rash associated with herpes that appears 1-2 weeks after infection? What do they look like? More associated with which subtype? ALso associated with what else?

Erythema Multiforme

small Target lesions usually seen on hands or feet, and then moving centrally.


other viruses, bacteria, drugs... more commonly HSV-1 though

HSV-2 is always associated with which region of the body

netherregions. Genital lesions.

Describe the HSV-2 lesions.

Painful inguinal lymphadenopathy with clusters of vessicles with a red base.

Painful and vessicular = buzzwords

Where is HSV-2 latent?

sacral ganglia

HSV-2 is associated with _______ ______ in adults and adolescents.

aseptic meningitis

Diagnostic test for HSV?

PCR is test of choice for diagnosis.

Tzank smear is old test: Scrape the ulcer base. looking for multinucleated giant cells - characteristic of herpes infections

Can you cure HSV infections?

no but you can help prevent breakouts/

how do you prevent breakouts?

Acyclovir or Valcyclovir (recycling bin)