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What are some of the features enabled by pro tools HD SOFTWARE

full surround mixing capabilities.

Extended disk cache for highly responsive recording.

Ability to use track punch and destructive punch recording.

Advanced mix/edit group features.

Track input monitoring on individual tracks. Snapshot automation for writing or trimming automation data.Glide automation commands. Video editing features. Run pro tools HD system by using ilok key

ilok key

What are some ways to enable the video engine in pro tools

Choose setup playback engine, select the video engine enable checkbook and click OK to launch the video engine. Or u will be prompted to when you click create to add the video track

What is required to import and arrange multiple video clips on a video track

Pro tools HD and matching frame rates (tempo)

Name the areas of focus available for workspace browsers in pro tools

Volume focus, session focus, catalog focus

What are some of the functions you can perform using a workspace browser

Access and view the contents of all mounted across multiple volumes simultaneously.

Designate volumes for record and playback,playback only or transfer only.

Unmount volumes.

View,manage, audition, and import individual items from any mounted volume.

Update databases for entire volumes.

How can you audition files from browser

By clicking on waveform display,select audio file in the workspace pane and press space bar or preview speaker icon to left of waveform.

How can you audition files from a browser in context with session

Enable audio file conform to session tempo,press [0] on numeric keypad

What are some of the different types of media files you can import into prop tools


What commands allows you to import entire tracks from smother pro tools session into your current session

The import> session data command

What types of clips can be grouped together as a clip group

Audio video, midi

Can clips of a different type be combined into a single a clip group

Yes macro clips

How many clips are required for a clip group

One or more clips on one or more tracks

Can clip groups contain silence


What does the ungroup all command do

It ungroups Clip groups and all of it's nested clip groups

How would you go about reassembling a clip group after using the ungroup all command

Use the regroup command option R