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How can u specify the i/o settings that pro tools will use when u create a new session

Using the quick start or new sessions dialog box

Where are changes to pro tools i/o settings saved

In ur last used i/o settings file

What are some common problems encountered with i/o settings

Older systems may not provide access to all of the i/o on a newer system, signal paths that are renamed in a session may become inactive on a different system

What dialog box can be used to display pro tools current i/o paths

I/o setup dialog box

What process can u use to restore the default i/o settings for ur current hardware

Choose setup i/o to open the i/o setup dialog box,click on the input page click the default button at the bottom of the page to add any missing input signal paths

How can u configure an audition path in pro tools

The audition paths selector in the i/o setup dialog box, choose setup i/o setup a click on the output or bus tab, click audition paths selector and select format and output path or bus

What is a signal path in pro tools

The term signal path is used to denote a logical, named grouping of inputs, outputs, or buses based on a specific channel format (mono, stereo, or multi channel)

What are two methods that you can use to rename a signal path in pro tools

Choose setup i/o,click input output or bus tab, double click on path name press enter. Names cam also be changed from the mix window or edit window by right clicking on the path selector nameplate and choosing rename

Give some examples of hardware settings available for the mix pro audio interface

Click switch, sample rate, foot switch control

What dialog box can u use to optimize pro tools host based performance

Playback engine dialog box

What kinds of tracks are affected by the HW BUFFER SIZE setting in the playback engine dialog box

This setting only affects tracks using the low latency processing domain, tracks that are recording,hosting virtual instruments or monitoring live input

What shortcut operations ate available for adding individual tracks to ur session

Double click in empty area of mix window below or to the right of tracks. D C in empty area of edit window below any tracks.

D C in empty area below any tracks in track list

What options are available for changing the display of the mix and edit windows

Edit window view selector, mix window view selector, ruler view selector

What are some optional views in available in each window

Display or hide views in edit, mix or ruler view, narrow channel strips in mix view, display i/o settings in mix window

How can u easily show or hide tracks in pro tools

In the track list click show/hide the icon will dim and the track will disappear.

What is the difference between hiding a track and deleting a track

Hiding a track removes it from view without deleting it.deleting a track removes it permanently.

What are some options available in the track list pop up menu

Show or hide all tracks, all selected tracks or tracks of a certain type. You can also sort tracks by name type, mix or edit group membership, or voice assignment