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dissociative disorders are marked by disruptioons in the usually integrated functions of _____, ____, ______, or _____ of the _____.
consciousness, memory, identity...
or perception of the environment
distortion in perception such that a sense of reality is lost is known as?
losing a sense of the external world... things changing in size or shape is known as?
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) was formerly known as?
multiple personality disorder
the A criteria for dissociative identity disorder is?
presence of 2 or more distinct identities or personality states.
the B criteria for Dissociative Identity Disorder is?
at least 2 identities/personalities take control of the persons behavior.
The C criteria for dissociative identity disorder is?
the inability to recall important personal information
in terms of dissociative identity disorder, in children?
in children symptoms cannot be attributable to imaginary playmates or fantasy play.
the identity or personality in Dissociative Identity Disorder is known as?
is it common for alters to be of the opposite sex?
In dissociative Identity Disorder, the identity that seeks treatments and tries to keep other identities integrated is known as?
the host
when you transission to another identity this is known as?
a switch
the prevalence for dissociative identity disorder is ___%
is dissociative identity disorder more common in males or females?
dissociative identity disorder is ___-____ times more common in females than it is in males.
the average number of identities for women is?
the average number of identities for men is?
which does data suggest is more influential in dissociative identity disorder, environment or genetics?
what are 2 traits that are common among people diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder?
1)highly suggestible
2)easily hypniotized
describe the treatment of dissociative identity disorder?
very similar to that of PTSD... you want to expose the patient to the traumatic memories, and then proceed to desensatize them to those memories.
the disorder that involves feelings of unreality are so severe that they dominate an individuals life is?
depersonalization disorder
when you lose the ability to remember things this is a disorder known as ______. It has 2 subtypes what are they?
General amnesia- you forget everything.
specialized amnesia- you forget specific things
this is arguably a type of amnesia and it involves making trips somewhere and then not remembering that you did so.
dissociative fugue
when you have multiple personalities this is known as?
dissociative identity disorder