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The digestive system functions in the

a) chemical breakdown of food.

b) mechanical breakdown of food.

c) elimination of waste products.

d) absorption of food molecules

e) all of the above

E. All of the above

NOT a function

A) ingestion of food

B) digestion of food

C) absorption of food

D) elimination of digestible waste

E) elimination of non digestible waste


Which is a carnivore?

A) human

B) rat

C) cat

D) raccoon

E) brown bear


Function of canine teeth

A) crushing

B) grinding

C) shearing

D) biting

E) tearing


An omnivore

Eats both plants and animals

A ruminant

A herbivore with extra stomach separations


Prevents food from entering the TRACHEA

Main function of esophagus

Transport food from the mouth to the stomach

Digestive juices found in stomach

Pepsin and hydrochloric acid (HCI)

PH of stomach is usually


Role of HCI in stomach

Activates a digestive enzyme pepsin