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what separates the the pharynx from the esophagus ?
upper esophageal sphincter
the lower esophageal sphincter (aka Cardiac Sphincter) is responsible for what function?
preventing stomach contents from re-entering the esophagus
what is the function of the Pyloric Sphincter ?
regulates the entry of stomach contents into the duodenum of small intestine
this apparatus regulates entry of materials into the Large Intestine
iLeocecal Valve
The function of the anus is to...
control deification
in this portion of the body, resides a number of structures that start the digestive process, what is it?
The Oral Cavity
What is the process that involves rhythmac contractions of the smooth muscles that line the esophagus and facilites the food thru the ______ and into the stomach
Peristalsis; Lower Esophageal Sphincter
name the 5 structures that are initial to the digestive tract, pre- esophagus.
1.) Oral Cavity
2.) Pharynx
3.) Tongue
4.) Epiglottis
5.) Esophagus
The stomach is responsible for what activity during digestion?
introduction of gastric juices, to further the break down of food into smaller particles
the definition of Chyme...
is the product of gastric juices going into a mixture with food particles
gastric juices conjoin what two components?
1.) Hydrochloric Acid
2.) Pepsin(nogen)
Stomach is the site where ------- digestion starts
stomach cells have a protective measure for the stomach lining called -----
gastric juice is produced in what part of the stomach
gastric pits
name the two cells that prepare HCI and Pepsinogen respectively, for the use in stomach digestion.
1.) Parietal Cells
2.) Chief Cells
---------- is made at first then it is converted into pepsin, known as a --------
pepsinogen, protease
food can spend - )to - hours in the stomach before it enters the small intestine
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