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Increased Tactile Fremitus
Consolidation of alveoli--> transmission of vocal vibration increases as opposed to alveoli filled with air

Also with consolidation--> dullness to percussion
Decreased Tactile Fremitus
Pleural Efusion

Obstructive Lung Disease (normal to decreased)
Consolidation - Inflammatory exudate present in bronchioles and/or alveoli
Purulent Sputum (coughing up exudate in small bronchiles)
Bacterial Pneumonia
DDx of Interstitial Lung Diseases
-Cardiovascular: pulmonary edema

-Aspirational: GERD, hemoptysis, lipoid pneumonia

-Certain “Airway Diseases”: CF, bronchiectasis, acute bronchiolitis


-Idiopathic: cirrhosis, amyloidosis, histiocytosis X, etc.
DDx of Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonia
1) IPF; UIP; Cryptogenic Fibrosing Alveolitis---> Features: Middle Age; Progressive; Honeycombing
Steroid Responsive: No

2) Desquamative Interstial Pneumonitis--> Features: Smokers; Pigmented Mac’s in Alveolar Spaces
Steroid Responsive? Yes
3) Acute Interstial Pneumonitis--> Features: Progression in weeks
to months
Steroid Responsive? No

4) Nonspecific Interstitial Pneumonitis--> Features: Young Patients (<55y.o.); Associated with Collagen Vascular Diseases
Steroid Responsive? Yes

5) Respiratory Bronchiolitis with Interstial Disease--> Features: Smokers; May resolve with smoking cessation
Steroid Responsive? Yes
6) BOOP Nonspecific tissue repair reaction--> Features Intraluminal plugs of connective tissue in bronchioles, alveolar ducts
Steroid Responsive? Yes
What is idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis?

How is pulmonary function affected?
Pulmonary disease of unknown cause, characterized by parenchymal inflammation (Alveolitis) and progressive interstitial fibrosis

Pulmonary functions – Restriction and decreased diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide