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Egg diapause

Bombyx Mori

Larval diapause

C vicina

D grandiosella

Pupal diapause

S crassipalpis

M sexta

Adult diapause

D melanogaster

D plexxipus

Long day insects

Noctuid moth c vicina p brassicae

Temperate diapause temperature induce

Some ground beetles

<15°C = development halted

>7°C= development resumes

Tropical diapause temperature induce

Muscoid fly

Larvae reared 20deg = no diapause

Larvae reared 18deg = some diapause

More diapause with decrease temp

Photoperiodic maintenance of diapause

Pitcher plant mosquito

Autumn diapause maintained by critical photoperiod broken when exceeded in spring

Temperature maintenance of diapause

Many spp have longer more intense diapause at lower remps eg s crassipalpis

Modifying diapause response after induction

C vicina

ADULT LD 12:12 and larvae <15°c = diapause

Adult LD 12:12 And larvae >15°c = diapause averted