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Developmental abnormalities can be caused by _______ _________ or by _____________ ______.
genetic disorders, environmental agents
KIT gene is expressed in
1) germ, precursor germ cells 2) precursor blood 3) neural crest cells
Symptoms of __________: sterile, underpigmented, deaf, gut malformation, anemia
Vampire diseases, or __________ are caused by deficiencies in the heme biosynthetic pathway
Deficiencies of ____ is responsible for PCT and HEP
UROD stands for
Uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase
UROD converts ___porphyrinogen I and III to _____porphyrinogen I and III
Uro, Copro
ICM stands for
Intermediate Cell Mass
A ________ mutation, ___ to ___ (methionine to arginine causes this (UROD based) porphyric phenotype
missense, ATG, AGG
Overexpression of norman UROD gene "cures" the vampire syndrome T/F
__________, the abnormal shortening of limbs can be caused by ___________
Phocomelia, thalidomide
Growth where all components grow at the same rate
Growth where there are different growth rates of various parts in the same organism
y=bx^(a/c) When a = c, y = bx, it describes
isometric growth
y=bx^(a/c) when a is NOT EQUAL to c, y=bx^(a/c) describes ________ ______. Say a > c, then the part of the body represented by a is growing ______ than the part of the body represented by c.
allometric growth, faster
In 1952, Alan Turing proposed the
reaction-diffusion model.
P: (slow diffusion) promotes production of _ & _.
P, S
S: (rapid diffusion) inhibits the production of _.
From birth to maturity, humans experience __________ growth.
Uca pugnax
Fiddler crab