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What is a common feature of some deserts?

(A. Salt Lakes)
B. Cactuses
C. Sand Dunes
D. Scorpions
When are most of the animals most active?

A. Dusk
B. Dawn
C. Midday
(D. Both AandB)
How many desert categories are there?

(A. 4)
B. 8
D. 2
How high can a sand dune reach?

A. 200 feet
B. 50 feet
C. 75 feet
(D. 650 feet)
What happens to the soil in the desert when the rain comes?

A. Nothing
C. Dries
D. Floods
When the rain evaporates, what is left behind on the surface?

A. Sand
B. Mud
(C. Glistening Salt)
D. Precipitation
How hot can the desert get during the daytime hours?

(A.131 degrees)
B.100 degrees
C. 80 degrees
D. 200 degrees
What is the average amount of precipitation a desert receives during the year?

A. 3inches
B. 20 inches
(C. 10 inches)
D. None

Where are the most deserts located?

A. 60 degrees N and 60 degrees S Longitude
B. 0 degrees N and 0 degrees S Latitude
(C. 30 degrees N and 30 degrees S Latitude)
D. 10 degrees N and 20 degrees S Longitude
Why do deserts cool down so rapidly at night?

(A. Not much vegetation)
B. Low humidity
C. High humidity
D. Both AandB
What type of roots do most desert plants have?

A. Short
B. Average
C. Long
(D. Both AandC)
Where do most desert animals sleep?

A. On a rock
(B. In Burrows)
C. In the sun
D. On a cactus
What two items do you need to survive in the desert?

(A. Water and Fire)
B. Water and Food
C. Water and Shelter
D. Water and Signals
How do most perennials survive in the desert?

A. Taking in the water
B. Dying during dry spells
(C. Becoming dormant)
D. None of the above