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Describe the lesions seen with Acute moist dermatitis.
-sharply demarcated circular
-red moist exudative
-alopecic in center
-hair sticks around margins
-may occur rapidly
What are the causes of Acute moist dermatitis?
-self trauma
-allergic disease
-anal sac problems
- otitis externa
-fur mats in coat
-densely coated animals are predisposed
What is a good management plan for treatment of Acute Moist Dermatitis?
-correct problem
-clip and clean
-corticosteriod sprays
-short term oral pred to dec purities
-prevent continues self trauma
-systemic antibiotics if satellite lesions or folliculitis
-rarely culture: select antibiotics against Staph
-clavomox, cephalexin, clindamycin
What diagnostics tool would one use to work up a case of Pododermatitis?
-skin scrape
-fungal culture
What is the treatment for Pododermatitis?
-eliminate underlying ause
-prevent trauma
-foot soaks
-prolonged systemic antibacterial therapy
-surgical debridement in severe cases
What is the value of a skin cytology?
allows you to determine if you are looking at bacteria, fungal, yeasts, etc.
What are the indications for performing a skin biopsy?
When you are unable to identify the organism by other means
How does a woods light help in identifying dermatophytes?
roughly 50 % of M. canis flouresce under woods light
Describe your treatment for perianal pyoderma in a GSD.
-systemic antibiotics
-topical tacrolimus
What are the signs of puppy strangles?
-pain in face,lips,eyelids,ears
-swollen lymph nodes
-abcesses may open and drain
Describe a diagnostic plan for puppy strangles.
clinical appearance
-culture and sensitivity
-early culture of intact pustule is negative
Describe the theraputic plan for a puppy strangles case.
-clean lesion
-oral corticosteroids
-concurrent systemic antibiotics
** steroids decrease scarring and speed healing**
describe a diagnostic plan for a draining tract/fistula in a cat.
-clinical lesions
-culture and sensitivity
Describe a theraputic plan to treat a draining tract/fistula in a cat.
-surgical drainage and flushing
-systemic antibiotics
-consider FeLV/FIV
What are the lesions seen with Nocardiosis?
-skin lungs widespread dissemination
-cellulitis, subcutaneous nodules
-limbs and feet often affected
-cats may have lesions on abdomen
-pyothorax, dyspnea
Waht is the cause of Nocardiosis?
N. asteroids
-N. brasillensis
-N. caviao
- N. nova
-common saprophyte
-infection through wound, ingestion, or inhalation
How is Nocardiosis diagnosed?
-aerobic culture
How do you treat Nocardiosis?
surgical drainage
-varying antimicrobial susceptability
What are the lesions for feline leprosy?
-ulcers,abcesses, fistula, plaques, nodules
-found on head and extremeties
-nasal or oral mucosa sometimes
-regional lymphadenopathy
-no systemic illness
What is the cause of feline leprosy?
-Mycobacterium lepraemurium
-possibly transmitted by rats
-has been found in insect vectors
-more common in cats 1-3 yrs old
How do you diagnose feline leprosy?
-cytology of exudates
-skin biopsy
-can't usually culture
How do you treat feline leprosy?
-surgical excision
-low doses of flouroquinolones or docycline
Describe the lesions seen with Opportunistic Mycobacterial Granulomas
-Most often in cats
-chronic SQ abcesses and fistula
-Usually found in caudal abdominal, inguinal, or lumbar areas
-may be painful
-solitary lesions usually symmetrical involvement
-Immune-suppressed may hav widespread lesions and systemic illness
What is the cause of opportunistic mycobacterial granulomas?
-M. fortultum, chelonei, pheil, xenopl, thermoresistible, smegmatis
-enters through cat bite or puncture wound
How do you diagnose opportunistic mycobacterial granulomas?
-cytology of exudates
-skin biopsy
-cultures often grow rapidly
What is the treatment for opportunistic mycobacterial granulomas?
-spontaneous remission can occur
-surgical excision
-drug susceptibility varies
What is the most common bacterial pathogen of dogs?
What is the most ommon bacterial pathogen of skin of cats?
P. multocida
What are the three most common causes of folliculitis in dogs?
-Staph intermedius
What tests should be performed to diagnose canine superficial bacterial folliculitis?
-skin scraping
-fungal culture
-culture and sensitivity
// mixed bacterial infections
// treatment is going to be prolonged
//current antibiotic treatment is not effective
What is the pathophysiology of furunculosis?
bacterial folliculitis--furunculosis--deep pyoderma
What breed of dog is predisposed to recurrent deep folliculitis and furunculosis?
Joey Timberlake