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How many guns are in the picture on the first page of the Cornerstone?
On what date did Delta Chi become a international fraternity?
February 13, 1897
What are all the E-board positions?
A - President - Erik Hail (New - Steve Hoover)
B - Vice President - Eric Miller
C - Secretary - Jake Edelstein
D - Treasurer - Conner Smith
E - Alumni Relations - Tim Sampey
F - Risk Management - Brian Brown

AMCM - Eddie Liggett or Tim Sampey as new

Recruitment Chair - Tyler Forster
What year was Delta Chi originally founded and by what university?
October 13, 1890.

Founded by Cornell University in New York.
What is the first and last word of the Cornerstone?
First word: The
Last: Cups
What is the full address of the Delta Chi International Headquarters and when was it established ?
314 Church Street, Iowa City, Iowa

P.O. Box 1817, Zip code 52244.

Established in 1969.
What's the phone number of Delta Chi Headquarters?
(319) 337 - 4811
What date did Delta Chi abolish hell week?
April 22, 1929
Don't say Alum, say what? And don't say frat but say what?
- Say alumnus for singular and alumni for

- Always say fraternity
What was the first general college fraternity called and what was it formed over?
Flat Hat Club

- It was formed over a bowl of punch.
How many wristwatches are there in the front cover of the Cornerstone?
Who is the "BB" of the Delta Chi - OSU chapter?
Alumni Advisor:

Chris Heiberger
What is our philanthropy foundation?
Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research
On what date did Delta Chi become a general membership social fraternity?
April 29, 1922.
Until what year was Delta Chi a professional law fraternity that allowed dual memberships?
What year of the convention was the Delta Chi flower selected?
What region is the OSU Delta Chi chapter in?
VI - Six
What are the 11 founders in order?
1. Albert Sullard Barnes
2. Myron McKee Crandall
3. John Milton Gorham (First BB)
4. Peter Schermerhorn Johnson
5. Edward Richard O'Malley
6. Thomas A.J. Sullivan
7. Alfonse Derwin Stillman
8. Monroe Marsh Sweetland
9. Owen Lincoln Potter (First AA)
10. Thomas David Watkins
11. Frederick Moore Whitney