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Who are statutory instruments made by?
Government ministers in their area of responsibility, under the parent act
What are statutory instruments used for?
Update laws, put EU directives into law, allows experts to make laws, provide detailed laws, set a starting date for sections of acts of parliament
Examples of statutory instruments?
Minimum Wage Act, Road Traffic Act, Education Reform Act
Who are bylaws made by?
Local authorities and public corporations
What are bylaws used for?
To make laws within your own area e.g. Universities, utility companies, national trust
Examples of bylaws?
The London Underground, Dog Fouling Act, Water boards
What are orders in council made by?
The Privy Council- The Queen, 300 past and present government ministers etc.
What are orders in council used for?
Emergencies nationally, to transfer power when parliament aren't sitting
Examples of orders in council?
Foot-and-mouth crisis, stopping flights on September 11th 2001