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Sec 20
Articles and Covenants
Commandments for Members 1
21-Church Org. - Fayette
22- Baptism again? - Manchester
23- Oliver Cowdery, Hyrum Smith, Samuel H Smith, Joseph Smith Sr, Joseph Knight Sr. – Manchester
Commandments for Members 2
24- Commandments & Persecutions - Harmony, PN
25- Emma – Harmony, Pn
26- Common Consent – Harmony
Sacrament and Revelators
27- Sacrament - Harmony
28- Right of Revelation - Fayette
30- Seer stone / Whitmer brothers- Fayette
Sept 1830 Conference
29- Second Coming- Fayette
New members and missionary labors
31- Thomas Marsh -
32 - Mission to Lamanites –
33- Northrop Sweet - Fayette
34- Orson Pratt - Fayette
35- Sidney rigdon - Fayette
36- Edward Partridge – Fayette
Command to go to the Ohio
37 – Ohio - Fayette
38 – More Ohio - Fayette
39 – James Covill - Fayette
40 – “ "
Instructions from first day church was organized & blessings
JS-To keep a record of the church,
Members-Listen to the word of the prophet, and if you do:
Gates of hail wont prevail against you, power over darkness, heavens shake for your good
gates of hell
The gates of hell are the gates of spirit prison, and they prevail against all who pass through them
What apparent duty did Hyrum Smith have to the Church, and why was it because of his family
Hyrum became patriarch because his father was patriarch, it was his blessing and right
Samuel Smith & missionary work
great succes, unknown to him
What counsels did the Lord give to Joseph Knight Sr.?
Take up your cross,
Pray vocally and in secret
Sec 20 title
Article and Covenants of the Church
Sec 20 compared to 18
summary of doctr
What does the Book of Mormon prove to the world? (20)
That god still inspires men and works today with us
Qualification for baptism
Humble/ desire / broken heart/ contrite spirit/ witness/ take name of JC/ determine to serve him
Common consent
We vote to ordain elders and for major policy changes
Priesthood an member duties
 Apostles- ordain / sacrament / baptize / confirm / teach / lead meetings
 Elder – conduct meeting by HG
 Priest – preach / teach / expound / exhort / baptize / administer the sacrament / home teach / ordain / lead if no elder
 Teacher – watch over church (do duties, don’t fight, strengthen) / lead if no elder or priest
 Deacon – assist teacher
 Members – Walk worthy / bless babies / take sacrament / attend conferences
3 Main branches and families in charge
Colesville: Joseph Knight Sr
Fayette: Whittmer
Manchester: Smith Sr.
callings of Emma Smith
comfort unto my servant, Joseph Smith / scribe / pick hymns
For what purpose will Christ return to meet with Moroni, Elias, John the Baptist, Elijah, and others?
How to prepare?
To drink wine with them, or to take the sacrament with them in heaven
Whole armor of God
JS compared Oliver Cowdery to whom
Oliver Cowdery's Mission Calling (28)
Hiram Page
Stone Seer
3 Whitmer Brothers Callings
David was called to minister around Fayette
Peter was called to preach to the Lamanites w/ OC
John called to preach from Philip boroughs in fayette
David was chastized why? and what said?
(seer stone) He feared man and focused too much on the things of this world
Thomas B Marsh
He got ahold of a copy of part of the book of mormon and immediately was moved by the spirit. The first verse shows the Lords pleasure in having faith so quickly
Know the names of the missionaries called to teach the Lamanites. (32)
Oliver Cowder and Peter Whitmer, Ziba Petterson and Parley P Pratt
From the material in the Student Manual know what actual missionary work was done among the Indians.
The Wyandot tribe was taught then the Delaware tribe, they had success until another chistian missionary convinced them that the mormons were evil
Northrop Sweet
Created Pure Church of Christ (failed quickly)
the Lord’s references to the spiritual conditions on the earth
The spiritual leaders are corrupt
How old was Orson Pratt when he received this revelation? (34)
How converted?
By Parley
Sidney Rigdon & calling
Preacher, brought over congregation
Called to be scribe
Edward Partridge
Edward Partridge heard of the gospel when missionaries on their way to Missouri stopped in Kirtland ohio, he asked around about the mormons and then came to see joseph for himself. Impressed with their faith and sacrifice he decided to be baptized.
What commandments were given to Joseph and Sidney? (37)
To stop translation of the bible until after they moved to Ohio
Who was James Covill?
Baptist preacher of 40 years who wanted to be baptized but gave up on the idea because he would have to sacrifice too much
James Covill Covenant
He wanted to be baptize and covenanted that he would follow any command of the Lord