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Windows 98 provides access to many utility programs through the ________ ____ submenu.
System Tools
Beofer a computer that requires a log on procedure can be used, a ______ and _____ must be entered coffectly.
user name and password
Most programs ran faster under Windows 95 because it __________________________________________________
supported the USM so you could easily add/remove devices on your computer
Each device on a computer, such as the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and printer, has its own specialized set of commands and thus requires its own ______.
A file manager performs the following file management functions:_____________
formatting/copying disks
*doesn't compose, edit, format, file content
An uninstaller utility is necessary because, if an application is removed simply by deleting the associated files, the _______ file entries remain.
Microsoft marketed and sold _____ to makers of IBM-compatible personal computers
Consists of the programs that control the operations of the computer and its devices
System Software
The process of __________ that is, organizing a disk so that files are stored in contiguous sectors-speeds up disk access.
A set of programs containing instructions that coordinate all of the activities among computer hardware
Operating System
Part of the sofrware with which you interact; it controls how data and instructions are entered and info is presented on the screen
user interface
Two types of system software are _________ and _________.
operating system and utility programs
The prupose of ____ _____ a basic operating system function, is to optimize the use of RAM
memory management
Core of an operating system that is responsible for managing memory, files, devices
a utility that prevents, detects, and removes viruses from a computers memory or storage device
The process of starting or restarting a computer invloves loading an operating system into memory
A virus is a program that ___________________
copies itself into other programs and spreds through multiple computers
displays a set of available commands or options from which you choose one or more
In the case of print spooling, the ____ holds the information waiting to print while the printer prints at its own rate.
________________ provided support for new multimedia technologies such as DVD and WebTV and the Universial Bus (USB) so devices could be added or removed easily.
Windows 98
When an operating system is installed, one of the steps involves making a ____ _____ that has certain operating system commands to start the computer
boot dick
a small program that accepts commands from another program and then converts these commands into commands that the device understands
device driver
the computers capability of recognizing any new device and assisting in the installation of the device by loading the necessary drives automatically and checking for conflicts with other devices
Plug and Play
the process of entering user name and password into the computer
log on
system configuration information is contained in several files in the________
a utility that recognizes that files and unused space on a computers hard disk so data can be accessed more quickly and programs can run faster
disk defragmenter
Multiple print jobs are ______ or lines up, in the buffer