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F. Scott Fitzgerald's full name is...
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on [date]...
September 24, 1896
F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in [city, state]...
St. Paul, Minnesota
F. Scott Fitzgerald is the second cousin three times removed of [person]...
Francis Scott Key, the author of the National Anthem of the USA
F. Scott Fitzgerald's father's name was...
Edward Fitzgerald
F. Scott's Fitgerald's mother's name was...
Mary (Mollie) McQuillan
F. Scott Fitzgerald's father was from [state]...
F. Scott's Fitgerald's mother's was the daughter of a(n) [nationality] immigrant.
Both of F. Scott Fitzgerald's parents were [religion name]...
F. Scott Fitzgerald attended [public/private] schools.
In 1913, F. Scott Fitzgerald entered [university]...
Edward Fitzgerald failed as a manufacturer of wicker furniture in St. Paul, and he became a salesman for Procter & Gamble in...[state]
New York
After F. Scott Fitzgerald's father was fired in 1908, the family moved back to St. Paul and lived off of...
Mollie Fitzgerald's inheritance
F. Scott Fitzgerald attended...[grammar school name]
the St. Paul Academy
his first writing to appear in print was a [kind of story] in the school newspaper when he was thirteen.
detective story
During 1911-1913 he attended [high school name], a Catholic prep school in New Jersey.
the Newman School
While in New Jersey at school, F. Scott Fitzgerald met Father [first and last name] who encouraged his ambitions for personal distinction and achievement.
Sigourney Fay
As a member of the [college class], F. Scott Fitzgerald neglected his studies for his literary apprenticeship.
Princeton Class of 1917
F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the scripts and lyrics for the Princeton [club name] musicals.
Triangle Club
F. Scott Fitzgerald was a contributor to the [magazine name] humor magazine and the [literary magazine name].
"Princeton Tiger"; "Nassau Literary Magazine"
His college friends included [American critic and author] and [contributor to American letters].
Edmund Wilson; John Peale Bishop
Fitzgerald's college friends included [American critic and author] and [contributor to American letters].
Edmund Wilson; John Peale Bishop
On academic probation and unlikely to graduate, Fitzgerald joined the army in [year]...
Fitzgerald was commissioned as a [army rank] in the infantry.
second lieutenant
Convinced that he would die in the war, Fitzgerald rapidly wrote his novel [novel name]...
"The Romantic Egotist"
In a letter of [acceptance/rejection] the publisher Charles Scribner’s Sons praised the novel’s originality.
In June 1918 Fitzgerald was assigned to Camp Sheridan, near [city, state]...
Montgomery, Alabama
While in Camp Sheradin, Fitzgerald fell in love with the celebrated 18-year-old belle [first and last name]...
Zelda Sayre
Zelda was the youngest daughter of an Alabama Supreme Court [Supreme Court position].
Being in love with Zleda intensified Fitzgerald’s hopes for the success of his novel, but it was rejected by [publisher name] for a second time.
Charles Scribner’s Sons
The war ended just before Fitzgerald was to be sent overseas; after his discharge in 1919 he went to [city] to seek his fortune in order to marry Zelda.
New York City
Unwilling to wait while Fitzgerald succeeded in the advertisement business and live on his small salary, Zelda broke [not his heart]...
their engagement
Fitzgerald quit his job in July 1919 and returned to St. Paul to rewrite "The Romantic Egotist" as [novel name]...
"This Side of Paradise"
It was accepted by editor [first and last name] of Charles Scribner’s Sons.
Maxwell Perkins
"This Side of Paradise" is set mainly at [school name]...
Fitzgerald described "This Side of Paradise" as a [kind of novel]...
"quest novel"
This Side of Paradise traces the career aspirations and love disappointments of [main character name].
Amory Blaine
Fitzgerald's new agent in 1919 was [first and last name]...
Harold Ober
In 1919, Fitzgerald interrupted work on his novels to write [not personal meaningful writing] for the rest of his life.
popular moneymaking fiction
[Newspaper name] became Fitzgerald’s best story market.
"The Saturday Evening Post"
Fitzgerald became known as a [related to his best story market] writer.
Fitzgerald's early commercial stories about young love introduced a new character: the independent, determined young American woman who appeared in [short story name] and [short story name].
"The Offshore Pirate"; "Bernice Bobs Her Hair."
Fitzgerald’s more ambitious stories, such as "May Day" and "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz," were published in [magazine name], which had a small circulation.
"The Smart Set"
The publication of [novel name] on March 26, 1920, made the 24-year-old Fitzgerald famous almost overnight.
"This Side of Paradise"
A week after the extremely successful publication of "This Side of Paradise," Fitzgerald [did something he had wanted to do since being stationed in Camp Sheradin]...
married Zelda Sayre
Fitzgerald and his new wife embarked on a(n) [kind of lifestyle] as young celebrities.
After marrying Zelda, Fitzgerald endeavored to earn a [kind of] reputation.
solid literary
However, Fitzgerald's [Hugh Hefner??] image impeded the proper assessment of his work.
After a riotous summer in Westport, Connecticut, the Fitzgeralds took an apartment in [city]...
New York City
While in New York City, Fitzgerald wrote his second novel, [novel name]...
"The Beautiful and Damned"
"The Beautiful and Damned" is a naturalistic chronicle of the dissipation of [husband and wife character names]...
Anthony and Gloria Patch
When Zelda Fitzgerald became pregnant they took their first trip to [continent] in 1921.
The Fitzgeralds settled in [town name] for the birth of their only child.
St. Paul
The name of the Fitzgeralds' only child was [full name]...
Frances Scott (Scottie) Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald's son was born in[month, year]...
October 1921
Fitzgerald expected to become very rich from his play, [play name]...
"The Vegetable"
In the fall of 1922 the Fitzgeralds moved to Great Neck, Long Island, in order to be near [place in New York]...
"The Vegetable" was a political satire that was subtitled [subtitled play name]...
"From President to Postman"
"The Vegetable" [succeeded/failed] at its tryout in November 1923.
Fitzgerald wrote his way out of debt with [type of literature]...
short stories
The distractions of Great Neck and New York prevented Fitzgerald from making progress on his [first, second, third, etc., literary work]...
third novel
During this time, Fitzgerald began to [destructive behaviour]...
drink heavily
Zelda Fitzgerald regularly drank but she was not a(n) [addict] like her husband.
Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald often had domestic fights triggered by [destructive behaviour]...
drinking bouts
[Opinion makers] were reluctant to give Fitzgerald full marks as a serious writer.
Literary critics
Fitzgerald's reputation as a drinker inspired the myth that he was a(n) [negative adjective] writer.
Fitzgerald was a painstaking reviser whose fiction went through layers of [practice versions]...
The chief theme of Fitzgerald’s work is the aspiration of the idealism he regarded as defining [Jay Gatsby]...
American character
As a social historian Fitzgerald became identified with the Age of [type of music]...
Seeking tranquility for his work the Fitzgeralds went to [country] in the spring of 1924.
Fitzgerald wrote [novel name] during the summer and fall in Valescure near St. Raphael.
"The Great Gatsby"
The marriage between Fitzgerald and Zelda was damaged by her relationship with
a French aviator
In the late 1920's Fitzgerald tried his hand at
filmmalking and was not successful
Fitzgerald wrote short stories in Switzerland to pay for
psychiatric treatment for Zelda
Zelda Fitzgerald suffered a relapse in February 1932 and entered
Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore