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perm max canine occludes
mand canine
mand Pm1
non contact of cusp tip
perm max canine
max canine
falls inline with facial embrassure
which tooth has antagonist in anterior/posterior segments of arch
max canine
max right canine vs
max left canine
distal half of canine shows more convexity than mesial
curvature of max canine greatest
mesial side
max canine mesial side
max canine distal cusp ridge
max canine distal contact
more cervical position
ridge runs cervicoincisally

in center of labial of canine
labial ridge
what lies mesial/distal to labial ridge on canine
dev depressions
labial ridge on mand canine
not as pronounced
only cusped teeth
canine with
functional lingual surface

*not a fxnal OCCLUSAL surface*
from incisal view

distal of facial surface is convex in middle 1/3

distal of facial surface is concave in cervical 1/3
max canine
mesial portion is convex in middle 1/3

mesial portion is flat in
cervical 1/3
max canine
from incisal view cervical line not visible
max canine

*bc convexity of crown*
last permanent canine to erupt
max canine
mand canine erupts

before PM
max canine erupts

after PM
perm max canine
wider M-D
mesial border is straighter
mand c
contact area more incisal

mand c
contact area JM
max c
cusp tip displaced lingually
mand c
cusp tip is labial to root axis line
max c
narrow M-D dimension
mand c
continuous convex facial surface from mesial/distal view
mand c
less pronounced cingulum
cingulum to the distal
mand c
max c cingulum
more pronounced and centered
shortest cusp ridge on perm canine
mesial cusp ridge
prominent facial ridge on perm canine