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What type of genetic material is found in CMV?

DNA inside the nucleus. It also replicates here. Part of the herpes families

Remain Latent in mononuclear cells (B and T Lymphocytes, monocytes and macrophages)

When can the virus become reactivated?

by immunosuppression

transplant pts- cmv pneumonia

aids pts- especially when cd4 counts drop below 50. most common presentation is cmv retinitis (full thickness retinitis, sometimes described as pizza pie retinitis). symptoms include flasshes, blind spots, blindness.. Can also get esophagitis with linear ulcerations in esophagus (singular deep and linear, whereas herpes is multiple shallow ulcerations). Can also get CMV colitis with ulcerated walls

How can CMV be transmitted?

Many: blood, sexual contact, breast milk, saliva, urine, and vertically (from mom through the placenta)

_____ is the most common fetal viral infection.


What are the cliinical aspects of Congenital CMV infection?

Purpuric Blueberry muffin rash, jaundice and splenomegaly, and sensorineural deafness. Intraventricular calcifications, and ventriculomegaly.P

Seizures secondary to these neuro infections.

Congenital CMV is usually __________ (Asymptomatic or symptomatic)

asymptomatic (80-90%)

but some kids develop sensorineural hearing loss later on... mostly unilateral

If a pregnant woman is infected with CMV, which trimester is associated with the highest risk of congenital CMV?


What is another severe presentation of congenital CMV infection?

hydrops fetalis... usually results in spontaneous abortion.

CMV is the #1 cause of _________ and #1 cause of ______________ hearing loss from a fetal viral infection.

mental retardation; sensorineural


Gancyclovir (recycling bin in grocery store)

Phoscarinate - when the virus has the UL97 gene mutation (resistence)

What happens to people that are not immunosuppressed that get infected with CMV?

CMV mononucleosis. The only difference between EBV and CMV mono is that its monospot negative

When CMV infects cells you see ___'s____ _____ _____.

Owls eye inclusion bodies.