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name the t-lymphocytes?
helper, suppressor, cytotoxic
what is inflammation of the lymph channel know mostly as blood poisoning?
name active natural proctection to disease and active artifical?
natural- active= disease and artifical-active=vaccines
name passive natural and passive artifical protection to disease?
natural=breast milk
artifical=IgG, anti-venom, anti-rabies
how is anthrax transmitted to humans?
through contact w/ infected secreations, soil, or animal products
what is a receptor?
site to which microorganisms adhere can be proteins,carbs,lipids, or complex molecules or composed of all three.
what do you need for adhension to occur?
a postive interaction between the surfaces of host cells and the infectious agent
give a common example of an acid fast bacteria?
mycobacterium tuberculosis
what happens when the body releases aldosterone?
increases na+ and K+ decreasing blood pressure
name the hallmarks of HIV infection?
1)decrease in CD4(t-helper cells)
3)Western blot (+)
4) decrease in t-cell counts.
note after exposure within the 24 hours Person experiences flu like symptoms and after that can have no other symptoms to let them know!!!!