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#3 knife handle

#3 knife handle (long)

#7 Knife handle

#4 knife handle

Beaver Knife Handle

Myringotomy Knife

Fisher Knife (Hockey Stick)

House Sickle Knife

Mayo scissor (straight or suture)

Mayo scissors (curved)

Long Mayo Scissor (straight)

Long Mayo Scissor (curved)

Small Metzenbaum scissors (curved)

Medium Metzenbaum scissors (curved)

Long Metzenbaum Scissors (straight)

Long Metzenbaum Scissors (curved)

Tenotomy Scissors (curved)

Potts Smith Scissors (45%)

Lister Scissors (Bandage)

Jorgensen Scissors (Hysterectomy)

Right Hook Scissors

Left Hook Scissors

Straight Hook Scissors

Double End Bone Currette

Bone Curette

Barnhill Curette (Adenoid)

Thomas Uterine Curette (Blunt)

Sims Uterine Curette (Sharp)

Adson Rongeur (Single Action)

Beyer Rongeur (Double Action)

Leksell Rongeur (Gooseneck)

Bethune Shears (Rib)

Saurbach Rongeur

Gaylor Biopsy Punch (Cervical)

Cushing Pituitary Rongeur (45% or Up Bite)

Cushing Pituitary Rongeur (Down Bite)

Cushing Pituitary Rongeur (Straight)

Blakesly-Weil Forceps (Straight)

Blakesly-Weil Forceps (45%)

Kerrison Rongeur (Up Bite)

Kerrison Rongeur (Down Bite)

Cottle Osteotome

Cottle Chisel

Amputation Saw

Iris Scissors (Straight)

Iris Scissors (Curved)

Kevorkian Biopsy Punch (Cervical)

Putti Rasp (Bone)

Heaney Biopsy Curette (Uterine)

Diamond Pin Cutter

Gia Stapler/Reload Staples