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Who is the leader of North Korea?

Kim Jong-un

Who was responsible for the school shooting in Parkland, FL?

Nikolas Cruz

Who won the NCAA National Championship in football this year?
What does DACA stand for?
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
Mudslides killed more than 17 people in which state?
Who is the richest person in the world?
Jeff Bezos

Who performed at the Super Bowl halftime show this year?

Justin Timberlake
What is the name of the most persecuted group in the world? Hint: They are a Muslim group from Myanmar.
Hundreds of former gymnasts have accused the creep, ___________________ of sexually molesting them.
Larry Nasser
Who is the man in charge of the Russian collusion investigation?
Robert Mueller
Who won the NCAA Cheerleading National Championship this year?


Who is the current pope?

What is the last name of the family where the parents tortured their 13 children by chaining them to beds and withholding food?
Who was the first host of the Screen Actors Guild Awards?
Kristen Bell
Which animated character recently received a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame?
Minnie Mouse
Which toy store chain announced that it will be closing over 180 of its stores nationwide?
Toys R Us
What is the name of the famous hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo that recently celebrated her first birthday?
A recent discover in __________________ proves that it was once connected to North America.
Chinese scientists have successfully cloned two ____________.
Which historic movie site was recently vandalized?
The Field of Dreams
The principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites is called ____________________.
net neutrality

Recently, which singer took home 6 Grammy Awards?

Bruno Mars

Who won the in-state rivalry game between Purdue and IU on 1/28/18?


Who will star as Mr. Rodgers in an upcoming film?

Tom Hanks

Which city in Africa has declared Day Zero for the day it will run out of water?

Cape Town

What is the name of the groundhog used for the official Groundhog's Day ceremony?

Punxsutawney Phil

955 workers were recently freed from a _______ mine in South Africa after being trapped.


While the U.S. supports Syrian opposition groups, ____________ supports the Syrian government.


How many companies represent the DOW Jones Industrial Average?


Who won the 2018 NFL Super Bowl?

Philadelphia Eagles

What did Kylie Jenner name her daughter?


______________ is the first Gerber baby to have Down Syndrome


Which country's chef accidentally ordered 15,000 eggs to be delivered for its Olympic team?


Which city is considering the installation of legal self-injection sites to save money?

San Francisco

Who is set to become the next coach of the Indianapolis Colts?

Frank Reich

Who won the women's half pipe snowboarding gold medal?

Chloe Kim

Who won the men's half pipe snowboarding gold medal?

Shaun White

McDonald's plans to remove _________________ from their happy meals by 2022.


What is Mr. Harrison's middle name?


Which city was recently ranked as the most dangerous in the country?


Which rapper recently gave away $1 million as part of his music video for "God's Plan?"


Lucky Charms will soon feature a new marshmallow shaped like a ___________.


Which country set a record for the most gold medals won at the winter Olympics?


February is national _________ history month.


NRA stands for _____________________.

National Rifle Association

Who is set to release her memoir this fall called, "Becoming?"

Michelle Obama

Who is the current leader of China?

Xi Jinping

What is the name of the terrorist group in Nigeria that is known for kidnapping girls and forcing them to marry its members or go on a suicide mission?

Boko Haram

Which company recently announced it will break from its partnership with the NFL?

Papa Johns

Indiana's official state insect is the ____________.


What movie won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2018?

The Shape of Water

Which company printed unique logos of endangered animals on their shirts instead of the usual reptile?


Which day was International Women's Day this year (2018)?

March 8

Which former NBA star won an Oscar this year?

Kobe Bryant

What is the name of the police officer that was killed in Lebanon recently?


Who was the first person to run the mile under four minutes?

Roger Bannister

In which state did teachers strike, hoping to get a 5% raise in their salary?

West Virginia

Which country recently announced it will have an all-female television station?


Which color represents Michelangelo?


A bridge collapsed near which university in Florida on Thursday?

Florida International

What is the name of the dog who was accidentally shipped to Japan?


Which magazine recently admitted that its issues from the past have been racist?

National Geographic

Who was named CNN 10's 2017 Hero of the Year?

Amy Wright

Six Flags Fiesta in __________ is opening what it calls the world`s first single rail roller coaster.


Who was the most recent Secretary of State to be fired?

Rex Tillerson

Which scientist recently passed away at the age of 76 and was most famous for his book, "A Brief History of Time?"


Who is the first black person to appear alone on Canadian currency?

Viola Desmond

Which saint was responsible for spreading Christianity in Ireland?


The biggest upset in college basketball history took place as UMBC knocked off #1 seed _____________.


Vladimir Putin was recently re-elected to a _______ term as President of Russia.


____________ was responsible for the death of an Arizona woman hit by its self-driving car.


Who was responsible for the package bombs that killed two people in Austin, Texas?

Mark Anthony Conditt

The last male northern white rhino, ____________, died recently.


Which firm was recently discovered to have accessed the personal data of millions of Facebook users?

Cambridge Analytica

Which day marked the first day of Spring in 2018?

March 20th

Which company is offering $10 million for an eco-friendly cup?


What is the name of the female lion at an Oklahoma zoo that has a mane?


ESPN's #1 most influential athlete in the last 20 years is __________________.

Tiger Woods

Who won the men's NCAA basketball championship?
Who won the women's NCAA basketball championship?
Notre Dame
What is the last name of the family whose SUV was driven off the side of a cliff in California killing 5?
What is Boone county's birthday?
April 1
Which state is dealing with zombie raccoons?
Which of these world capitals has the highest population?
New Delhi, India
15 junior hockey players died when their bus crashed in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Experts predict gas prices will increase by _____% this summer.
What is considered the dirtiest fruit?
What likely killed the sperm whale that washed up on a beach in Spain?
Which of the following means a fear of the number 13?
What is the name of former FBI director James Comey's book that details his time around the president?
A Higher Loyalty
A new condiment has emerged called
What big music festival was in California?
Walmart is selling ice cream for the rest of the year featuring which popular candy?
Sour Patch Kids
Which former first lady passed away this week?
Barbara Bush
Who won this year's Boston Marathon?
Desiree Linden
Which establishment is under scrutiny for calling the police to arrest two black men waiting in the store?
Which airline was forced to conduct an emergency landing after an engine failed that led to a passenger dying?
Who is the new president of Cuba?
Miguel Díaz-Canel
According to the American Lung Association, which US city has the worst air quality?
Los Angeles
What is the Indiana State Fair's theme going to be this year?
What is the name of the bear that is often spotted in Altadena, California?
Who was the hero that wrestled the gun away from the Nashville Waffle House shooter?
James Shaw Jr.
A Delta passenger was fined $500 for not declaring that she had a(n) ____________ with her.
Who is the French president?
Who is the German chancellor?
Which show is coming back to Nickelodeon this summer?
Double Dare
In which city did Alek Minassian drive through crowds killing 10 in the process?
What is the name of the royal couple's 3rd baby?
Louis Arthur Charles
Who is the Golden State Killer?
James DeAngelo
What is the #5 ranked public university in the United States according to the Wall Street Journal?
Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault.
Journalists were targeted in a suicide bomber attack that killed more than 29 people recently in which city?
Which movie recently broke the record for most money earned in the first weekend EVER?
Avengers: "Infinity War"
Which two telecommunications companies are seeking to combine?
T-Mobile & Sprint
Who was the comedian that raised eyebrows at this years White House correspondent's dinner?
Michelle Wolf
Cardinal George Pell from __________ will stand trial for sexual abuse.
All of the following have been introduced as new Oreo flavors EXCEPT
Berry Blast
Where is the recipe for Swedish meatballs actually from?
All new cars made in the US must have
a backup camera
The Prime Minister of Israel claims that _________ lied about its nuclear weapons programs.
An Air National Guard plane crashed near ___________ killing all 9 passengers.
Which mineral was being mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo by children?
Where has a volcano been wrecking homes and causing evacuations recently?
Who won this year's Kentucky Derby?
Who won the World's Strongest Man competition this year?
Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
President Trump recently announced that the US would pull out of the nuclear deal involving which country?
A __________, is a continuously growing list of records, which are linked and secured using cryptography.
Where will the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un take place?
When will the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un take place?
June 12th
Who was the first black president of South Africa?
Nelson Mandela
In which country did a truck carrying 12 tons of milk chocolate overturn, spilling all over the highway?
Over 60 deaths have occurred in Gaza as a result of the decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to __________ in Israel.
Melania Trump recently had ________ surgery.
Who won the Player's Championship (golf) this year?
Webb Simpson
The new feline officer at the police station in Troy, Michigan is named ____________.
Pawwficer Donut
A recent Supreme Court ruling means that states can legalize _____________.
sports gambling
what industry has experienced a shortage of workers in recent years?
long-haul trucking
Michigan State University will pay ____________ to the victims of Larry Nasser's sexual assault victims.
$500 million
Inmates recently took control of which notorious prison in Venezuela?
The Helix
Which former boy band recently released a new song?
Backstreet Boys