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"You've made your bed, now lie in it." Explain.
You made a decision and now must accept its consequences. Used as a response to people who have been complaining about their own problems.
To "kill two bird with one stone" means?
To accomplish two objectives with a single action.
What is Tiffany glass?
Lamps and other glass objects created by Louis Tiffany, an American artisan of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These objects are greatly prized and have been much imitated.
Who was John Wilkes Booth?
A popular actor from the South who shot Lincoln on April 14, 1895 in his box seat. Was later caught and killed in a barn, Confederate supporter.
What are sit-ins?
A form of nonviolent protest, used during the civil rights movement and during the movement against the civil war. In a sit-in, demonstrators occupy a place open to the public and then refuse to leave. Designed to provoke arrest and gain attention.
Define: reparation
Compensation demanded by a victorious nation from a defeated nation. Reparations can be in the form of goods or money.
What is patronage?
The power of a government official or leader to make appointments and offer favors. Once in office, a politician can use patronage to build a loyal following. Most often associated with the machine politics of big cities.
What was feudalism?
A system of obligations that bound lords and their subjects in Europe during much of the Middle Ages. The king owned all or most of the land and gave it to his leading nobles in return for their loyalty and military service. The nobles held land that peasants were allowed to farm in return for the peasants’ labor and a portion of their produce. Under feudalism, people were born with a permanent position in society.
Define: peer group
A group of people who share certain social characteristics, such as age, class, occupation, or education, and interact on a level of equality. Important in socialization.
What is an export?
Any good or commodity, shipped or otherwise transported out of a country, province, town to another part of the world, typically for use in trade or sale.